A product can be sold through various medium. Selling a product online has become a successful story. Do you know why? Have you ever thought about the same? There is actually “n” number of reasons to sell a product online. Mostly, online selling of a product basically increases your market reach and also there are so many opportunities available for the same.
A best reason on why online selling is successful because the world of research, review, sharing, buying is increasingly moving online. Allowing for online sales captures this market shift. Studies have demonstrated a much higher rate of return on companies investment in online search-based marketing over traditional “outbound” marketing and sales because the customers are already converted, they want the product they just need to decide who to buy it from and will spend the time to research the best options online.

So, here are the 10 steps to sell your product online.

1. Prepare a business plan

Brainstorm the entire plan and set up a strategy. It should all the cost required right from the start-up stage till the incubation stage. Here are the few key elements of a standard business plan:
• Company strategy, goals and mission.
• Short description of the product that you are going to sell.
• A short profile of a target customers
• A basic marketing plan
• The entire operations detail
• Financial analysis and the timeline

2. Understanding the cost structure and profitability

In this, you must allocate extra costs like shipping of the product, packaging and payment gateway costs in addition to your product costs to estimate the net margins that you will make if you sell online.

3. A Domain & Online Presence

You will definitely need to select a domain name. You can either create your own domain e.g.: www.onlinetroubleshooters.com through any of the service provider and you can book online . Other than a domain, creating an online presence is important. You can create your own website or use any cloud based solutions.

4. Selecting an E-commerce Software

In order to sell a product online, you have tasks options to do. Here is a few rundown tasks
• Near 100% up time.
• Email accounts
• Simplicity
• Flexible site designs
• Shipping and tax
• Integration with accounting software
• Web site visitor tracking
• Product quantity imitations
• Discounts and promotions
• Technical Support
• Security Compliance
• Free trial demo or money back guarantee

5. Digital Catalogue

When you are selling your product it is mandatory to set up a digital catalogue i.e you should prepare an excel sheet with the product SKU code, Name, Description, Category, MRP, colour, Brand and other details and also click 3-5 pictures of your products.

6. Barcode

Once the digital catalogue design is done the next step is to register a bar code for your products. You must register the UPC or the EAN number.

7. Packaging Process

You need to have pre-ordered cartons, tapes and other packaging material ready at hand to begin packing orders before shipping them to your online customers.

8. Backend Software

When you decide to sell a product online all you need is a backend software. Basically it is a software that helps you to manage your products on the website and also it takes care of the inventory.

9. Shipper Contact and Contract

Before selling a product in online make sure that you have a right contact and contract with the right shipper. Contract shippers like Bluedart, GoJavas, Delhivery, Fedex, etc. to prepare price agreements beforehand so that you do not get held up due to formalities when the orders start ticking in. But, you must make sure that you can fulfil the demand and the supply of air and surface shipping.

10. Getting ready

Do not list too many SKUs right at the beginning. Instead, add 5-10 products, test your platforms their reliability and whether you can make money on an individual product level. Start learning skills like SEO, improve on your product content and search ability, and focus on operational efficiency.

So follow these steps, sharpen up your skills and get ready to make a bang with your product online!



Domain Name is used to address  a website . It should be short in length , easy to spell and can be remembered easily . There are so many Domain Name Extension such .com , .in , .org, .net , .co , .edu etc. These all are  also known as Top Level Domain   A  Business without Business Name is impossible . Similarly , a website without  Domain / Web Name is impossible. Most of the people get confused between .co and .com Domain Extension . Everybody knows about .com Extension as it is in trend but the question  is What is .Co Domain Extension ?

What is .Co Domain Extension ?

As Everyone is looking for short and memorable web address . To satisfy this need .CO Domain Extension is introduced . It offers you a global option for branding your online presence . .CO is already meaningful and recognizable in multiple languages and cultures is recognized as company or corporation . It is a country code Domain extension used in more than 20 countries such as co.uk , co.in ,co.jp etc .

Does .CO rank on search engines the same way as .Com ?

The answer is Yes . Infact , .Co Domain offers several Seo friendly advantages that a legacy Domain does not  .Here are the points :

It is Available : There are so many people couldn’t get their desired Domain Name as they are already taken . So .Co Domain allow them to get Domain they need in order to succeed .

It is Short & Relevant :  Shorter URL provides better result in Search Engine Optimization .  It is highly beneficial if you want to rank your site well.

It is Memorable : As Co stands for Company . So it is easy to remember and type.

What is the Price of .CO Domain ?

As there are many Domain registrar. So Price varies from one registrar to other . But  Normal Renewal cost for .CO Domain lies between 1700-1900.

If you want to stick on .CO Domain as it is best option for you Business Success but facing money issue as Renewal Cost of .CO Domain is high . Then Don’t Worry .  Transfer it to Online Trouble Shooters at Rs 1100 . So Here is a chance for you to save money in your .CO Domain !




As we all Know , Internet is crowded and noisy place . A user get thousands of link on searching a single topic online and it is impossible for a user to click each of them . Mostly web users will click only couple of links , search upto first and second page of the google and then modify their search if they don’t see what they want .
I know all of you think how to increase visitors on your website as there are barrage of search results. Why don’t you try Search Engine Optimization techniques . The first question comes on your mind What are these techniques ? How these will improve visitors on your website ? Are these costly techniques? So on …

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of practices and techniques which are used to improve rank of the website on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and getting traffic from free , organic , editorial and natural search results on search engines.

It is divided into two parts –On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

1. On Page SEO

It is also known as On site Seo and all activities under this can be taken directly within the website to improve its position in Search Rankings.

Activities are :

Meta Title : It plays a vital role . Each page of your website should have its own title in which main keyword should be included.
Meta Description : Many people don’t think that Meta Description is necessary for website but it is that much important as Meta Title if relevant keyword is included in your content .
Meta Tags : These are a set of keywords . You will have to search it wisely . All your Off Page Seo activities (will explain later ) are based on these Keywords . You can also use Keyword Planner to get Appropriate keyword for your website .
Heading Tags : It is divided into various sections like H1 , H2 , H3 , H4 etc . H1 is for main page title . You can use H2, H3 , H4 and so on for subsequent headings . Each page should have only one H1 Tag. Keep this point in your mind .
Alt Tags : Each Image should have alt tag. All your uploaded images have titles, so treat them just the same as your page titles. Including relevant keywords can help people find your site when searching on Google Images.
URL Structure and keyword Density : URLS which have targeted keywords in them perform more . To bring better crawling , keep your URLs small and search engine friendly whereas Do not use excessive keyword in your content . Otherwise it can also leads to your site banned from search engines .

2. Off Page SEO

All the activities under Off page seo are performed outside the website .It is used increase traffic on website by making backlinks .

Link Building : Submission of our Website URL on high ranking website . The most popular ways are Directory Submission , Article /Blog Submission , Business Listing , Forums , Classified Submission , Photo Sharing , PPT Submission ,Video Creation , Blog commenting , Guest Bloging etc .
Social Media : Social Media is considered as the part of Off site seo . All the links from social media sites are no follow . It is also a form of link building .Various Social Media sites are Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIN , Google+Pinterest , Instagram .
Social Bookmarking : It is considered as best way to increase traffic in past but it is still a good way to get traffic to your website. Depending on your niche you can find web sites like reddit.com, stumbleupon.com, scoop.it and delicious.com (to name a few) to promote your content.

Why you need Search Engine Optimization ?

It will help people to find your Website which results in sales due to which your Business profit will be increased .
Seo helps in bringing relevant traffic for your website
Seo does not require huge money , it is effective & efficient way to get Traffic to your Business Website SEO Keeps You From Missing Out in web traffic . It always reminds google to crawl your website .

SEO helps in Building your Startup Business in Brand



Using SSL certificate (Green Lock ) for your website is very important for security.

What is SSL Certificate ?

SSL (Secure Security Layer ) is widely used now a days for  establishing an encrypted link between a web server and browsers . The process in which  data or information is converted into coding form especially to prevent prevent unauthorized access . If you want to create SSL connection then SSL Certificate is required.  It serves as electronic “ passport “ through which an online entity’s credentials are established when doing business on web . For example , when a user wants to send data to a Web server then user’s browser accesses the server’s digital certificate and secure connection is established .


What  information SSL Certificate contains?

During activation of SSL Certificate  you will be prompted to complete several questions about your identity :

  • Domain Name ,  company name ,  address , your city ,  state and country  of the Certificate Holder
  • Expiration date and Serial number of certificate
  • A copy of certificate holder’s public key
  • Lastly , A digital signature of the certificate issuing authority

Have you ever find that  some URLs start with “http://” while others start with “https://”? 

That extra “s”  means  your connection to that website is secured so that hackers cant intercept any of your data and your is data is safe .

How can you check if a website has SSL Connection ?

Here are the points :

URL : URL of the website start with Https ://  instead of Http :// .

Padlock Icon : You will see a padlock icon in URL bar . It is green in colour . It will show up either on the left or right hand side of URL bar . Location of the Padlock depends on your browser .

Certificate is valid or not : Certificate could still be expired sometimes if a website has both https:// and a padlock .

In order to check whether certificate is valid or not .

Click on padlock and select “Certificate information “. You will get an authority page . check the two fields :”Not valid Before “ and “Not valid after “.If you find a option “Not valid After “ then certificate has expired .Its a time to renew it if you want your data secure .


If you are searching for cheap and secure SSL Certificate provider and want to know more about it then visit  goo.gl/wgXQbq



How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Company

If you want to make money online then there are several  opportunities come in your mind . Its  all depends on you . There are many people who want to start their own Web Hosting  and Domain Registration company . One of the best option to start your own Web Hosting company is by becoming white label reseller .In Reseller Hosting ,  you can buy wholesale Hosting services from big company and sell it to your customer , set  your own prices  for the products and earn more profits .

Here are the steps :

Choose Reseller Services : There are large number of  Reseller Hosting Providers  so it is difficult to choose who is best .  Choose reseller services that meet the needs and norms of your niche . Consider other points also like whether they are providing 24*7 technical support or not , their prices , companies reviews etc  while choosing .

Buy a Reseller Hosting Packages : Initially start with  small package , once you get actual and large number of customer then expand your package according to your needs and requirements .

Build your own Website : Yeah of course your website is also important to attract large number of customers provide hint to customer that they are on right path, to  determine what services (Shared Hosting , VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting )you offer and for billing system also . Research your competitor site properly .Check out what their prices , discounts , services that they offer. It will help a lot to bring customer on your site .

Promotion : It plays a vital role . Social media (Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Pinterest , google+ etc ) and Google AdWords help in increasing large number of traffic on your website .  Google AdWords is  basically paying fees to the google to get your Ads clicked .You can promote your Business to customers by various business promotional tools like SMS , Emails , Voice Calls , WhatsApp etc .

Benefits of Reseller Hosting :

You don’t need more technical knowledge as all the queries and problems related to the server is handled by  technical support team instead of you .

It is time saving and easy to setup .

You can set your own prices and get more profits .

It is less expensive and require no maintenance cost .

For more information visit  goo.gl/zMqptn

How to make your fashion store online ?


Do you want to increase your sales for Fashion Store ?  If yes ,then Online Business is the best option. Every one think making your business online requires large amount of money but it is a myth . As compared to traditional business, online business requires less money . Location is the first problem to start a business but in online business there is no need to find a location, rent or buy a building and you won’t need to hire many, if any, employees. Isn’t interesting ? With just a few steps , you can open your online fashion store :

Decide what type of market you want to reach with your clothes : It is your choice for whom you want to open your store (male , female or both ). Keep clothes according to your market, what it wants and the upcoming trends in your store.

Supplier for your Clothing : You will need to find a supplier that can give you a full size run of the clothing you wish to carry in your store. Research fully while using a drop shipper and make sure that they have a good reputation of filling orders promptly and that the clothes are high quality. Then place order if they meet your expectations .

Store your inventory properly : Keep your clothes in cool, dry location away from pets, children, smoke and moisture. Make inventory insurance as backup in case any unexpected happens.

Make it Online : Yeah , it is necessary for huge sale and business progress. You have to Book your Fashion Store Name Online so that one can check about your Business online too like (yourfasionstorename.com) which is Basically called Domain and Hosting .To know more about it visit  goo.gl/zMqptn

Advertise your Fashion store : Find places where your key market visits online and place ads with these sites. You can take the advantages of  social media for promoting your store .Your weekly, monthly or yearly offers helps a lot for bringing customers on your site and increase sale.so don’t miss it to place it on your site . This plays a vital role to attract customers. Pay-per-click ads are also a good way to market clothing online and can be cost-effective for startups since you only pay when someone actually  clicks on an ad.


Why Hosting Is Needed?


Are you having a business but still offline? If yes than what’s the profit margin you get from offline procedure…Yup it’s a big question which come in my mind .Having a small business offline fruitful for the short period of time. But what after this…

As being a businesswoman I would love to explore my business .So here we come “how we can do that?”

So if you have small business like fashion store than you can have a website of it. On Having Website you can regularly update your designs, fabric etc. Now if you have decided to have a website than you need a business name too. Now you need a provider who can provide you the business name can be called as Domain Name. Domain Name Registration can be done by the Hosting provider.

Afterwards you will get the domain name which is your business name. Now you have your business name what else but hey getting business name means online presence too? Yaa but just domain name with blank screen. Is it sufficient for you …”No “website should visible to everyone. For making it visible online you need not to go anywhere else. The same Hosting Providers in INDIA provide you hosting, which is a service for making your website visible online. So make your website visible online.

After taking hosting service you are almost done .Just grab a good designer for your website get it done. Now you are free for a year, you need not to pay again at least for a year .Now you can add your latest design, stylish work done, offer on festival which will surely grab your customer for your designs. See you must paying so much of effort on selling your designer clothes by posters,Newspaper etc. Hats also limit less. But one time investment will surely suits your budget… You need to keep so many employees

You can’t believe on anyone without having proper trust than take a trial for Companies trial.So with Online Presence You can boost your business in much more better way.

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